Canadian Foodgrains Bank has a number of educational activities that lead to a deeper understanding of hunger and food issues. They are suitable for a variety of age groups and settings such as Sunday school, youth groups or adult workshops. Brief descriptions of some of these resources is provided below.

Challenging Conditions.

Grade 7 to Adult. 60 minutes. Participants explore the lives of eight fictional characters in six countries. They explore themes of land, natural disasters, conflict, health and food prices related to hunger and under-nutrition.
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Breaking the Cycle of Hunger.

Grade 6 to 12. 40 minutes. This activity can be utilized with two participants or a large group. The board game can be adapted to use the whole room as the board for bigger groups. Participants move around the board and face the challenges of farmers with small landholdings in the Global South. The simulation enables them to understand some of the problems and solutions for small scale farmers.
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Right to Food: Respect, Protect and Fulfill.

Grade 8 and up. 40-60 minutes. Stories and games introduce food as a human right. There are three modules based on the themes of respect, protect and fulfill (the approach of the Canadian government to food security). Each theme begins with a story, moves on to a game and concludes with a discussion. Participants explore food as a basic human right.
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Helping End Hunger in Maniema.

Grades 9-12. 30-45 minutes. Video and discussion guide. The theme is the relationship between civil conflict and hunger. The setting of the video is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This may be of interest because CBM has food security projects with farming communities in the DRC.
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