I am a supporter of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s Good Soil Campaign, to raise awareness about global hunger and the need to provide assistance to small-scale farmers.
Canada has historically taken a leadership role on global food security,
and prioritized aid for sustainable agriculture, nutrition and food assistance. However, Canada’s aid spending on sustainable agricultural development
in the developing world is in decline. I would like to see Canada’s aid restore a focus on agricultural development, especially for small-scale farmers and women.
Supporting small holder farmers is an important and effective way to reduce world hunger and promote the health and well-being of all, especially mothers and children. There are numerous other benefits. It helps stimulate economic growth, provides greater opportunities for women, supports physical and intellectual development of children due to better nutrition, and promotes environmental sustainability. It is vital for building strong economies and
a safer, healthier world.
To alleviate global hunger, we need to assist small-scale farmers. Canada’s declining support for international agricultural development is a troubling trend. On behalf of the 1.5 billion small-scale farmers in developing countries, let’s UNBEND THE TREND and make it easier for them to feed themselves and others.
I urge the Canadian Government to increase financial support for the world’s most vulnerable farmers by increasing support for farmers in developing countries. I request that you convey this important message to the Prime Minister’s Office and to the Minister of International Development.

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