Some congregations may choose to go deeper into the issues of hunger, food justice, and creation care. There are several options including:

  • Saturday workshops
  • A short series of mid-week worshops
  • A Sunday morning adult education class.


• A Rocha is willing to supply speakers on Creation Care and food provided that expenses are covered by the local church.
• The Foodgrains Bank has provincial representatives in the four western provinces.
• Rod Olson and Mark Doerksen of CBWC can speak on issues of food production and hunger.
• Baptist Farmers from Moosomin, Saskatchewan and Brownfield, Alberta grow crops that are donated to the Baptist account at Canadian Foodgrains Bank. They can present valuable information on the stress factors of modern farming operations and their commitment to feeding the hungry. We encourage city consumers to talk to members of the farming community.
• CBM has speakers and resources on hunger, assistance to farmers in the global south and food justice.
Please feel free to contact Gordon King for assistance.

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